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Silver Rakhi

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The semi precious Rakhi that are in vogue these days are Silver Rakhi. Brothers like Silver Rakhi because they work as trendy bracelets and sisters like them because they serve the purpose of both Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. Browse through our superb collection and order for the prettiest Silver Rakhi for your dearest brother.

Blessed OM Rakhi

US$10.788976 / Rs. 649

Ganesha Dial Silver Rakhi

US$12.468 / Rs. 750

OM Chain Rakhi

US$16.607376 / Rs. 999

Glittering Dial Silver Plated Rakhi

US$5.48592 / Rs. 330

0.12CTW .925 Sterling Silver Ruby Rakhi

US$44.88 / Rs. 2700.00
Savings: 60%
US$17.95392 / Rs. 1080

Silver Trishul OM

US$8.312 / Rs. 500

Om Ganesha Dial Silver Rakhi

US$16.2084 / Rs. 975

0.10CTW Emerald .925 Sterling Silver Rakhi

US$43.89 / Rs. 2640.00
Savings: 60%
US$17.554944 / Rs. 1056

Stone Studded Shree Silver Plated Rakhi

US$5.8184 / Rs. 350

Colorful Glare Silver Plated Rakhi

US$4.5716 / Rs. 275

Stone Studded Om Silver Plated Rakhi

US$5.8184 / Rs. 350

Rudraksh Swastik Rakhi

US$9.957776 / Rs. 599

Spiritual OM Rakhi

US$10.788976 / Rs. 649

Divine Shankh Rakhi

US$10.788976 / Rs. 649

Auspicious Kalash Rakhi

US$10.788976 / Rs. 649

Raksha Bandhan Rakhi

US$9.957776 / Rs. 599

Silver Nariyal Ganesha

US$10.63936 / Rs. 640

Enchanting Glare Silver Plated Rakhi

US$4.48848 / Rs. 270

Exzclusive Spark Silver Plated Rakhi

US$4.970576 / Rs. 299

Dry Fruit  Rakhi Hamper

US$12.21864 / Rs. 735

0.02CTW .925 Sterling Silver White Cubic Zircon Rakhi

US$65.83 / Rs. 3960.00
Savings: 60%
US$26.332416 / Rs. 1584

Om & Kalash Rakhi

US$19.1176 / Rs. 1150

Astonished Om Ganesha Dial Silver Rakhi

US$11.96928 / Rs. 720

Shivling Ganesha Dial Silver Rakhi

US$10.47312 / Rs. 630

Shankh & Rakshabandhan Rakhi

US$17.4552 / Rs. 1050

0.44CTW Ruby & Emerald .925 Sterling Silver Rakhi

US$53.86 / Rs. 3240.00
Savings: 60%
US$21.544704 / Rs. 1296

Stone Studded Swastik Silver Plated Rakhi

US$5.8184 / Rs. 350

Pure Silver Ganesha Rakhi

US$16.607376 / Rs. 999

Sparkling Dial Silver Plated Rakhi

US$7.0652 / Rs. 425

Engraved Dial Silver Plated Rakhi

US$5.8184 / Rs. 350

Divine Ganesha Dial Silver Rakhi

US$9.9744 / Rs. 600

Aura in Stones Silver Plated Rakhi

US$6.632976 / Rs. 399

Pure Silver Murli Manohar

US$16.607376 / Rs. 999

Awesome Stones Silver Plated Rakhi

US$6.632976 / Rs. 399

1.20CTW .925 Sterling Silver Ruby & Emerald Rakhi

US$65.08296 / Rs. 3915

0.58CTW .925 Sterling Silver Emerald & Ruby Rakhi

US$55.35792 / Rs. 3330

Floral Spark Silver Plated Rakhi

US$7.4808 / Rs. 450

Radha Krishna Dial Silver Rakhi

US$10.47312 / Rs. 630

Ek Omkaar Dial Silver Rakhi

US$15.061344 / Rs. 906

Om Ganesha & Swastik Rakhi

US$17.4552 / Rs. 1050

0.40CTW Ruby & Tsavorite .925 Sterling Rakhi

US$59.85 / Rs. 3600.00
Savings: 60%
US$23.93856 / Rs. 1440

0.45CTW Emerald & Ruby Rakhi

US$60.84 / Rs. 3660.00
Savings: 60%
US$24.337536 / Rs. 1464

Crystal Om Dial Silver Rakhi

US$8.47824 / Rs. 510

0.30CTW Ruby & Emerald .925 Sterling Silver Rakhi

US$63.84 / Rs. 3840.00
Savings: 60%
US$25.534464 / Rs. 1536

Old folks say that as the world moves on, you have to change yourself and run along with the world. Otherwise, you would be left behind in this long marathon of a race. With each passing day, there are more and more trends and changes taking place in the world. The system of presenting gifts on special occasions has also evolved over time. India’s own proud custom of Raksha Bandhan has also evolved over time with newer designs in Rakhi products. At Rakhi-gifts.com, we pride on presenting you with an assortment of silver rakhis that are now being exclusively found in modern markets. Not only do you get the delivery of the product within India with no extra shipping charges, but you get the added benefit of a free tikka (roli and chawal) as well. Purchase your favorite silver Rakhi, present it to your loving brother and strengthen the bond that you share.

One of the trendsetting products that we have in our collection is an appealing, beautiful silver bracelet that has been crafted out on a fine fancy chain. Not to forget is the fact that the silver used in the making of the bracelet is 92.5% pure. The bracelet has an enameled bud at the centre studded with sparkling red gems. On either side of the bud are two enameled leaves that are studded with green gems. Another one from our silver Rakhi collection has the symbol of rare craftsmanship with two dolphins forming a heart as the rakhi’s dial.

So what are you waiting for? Make your Silver Rakhi pick while the collection lasts!!