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Raksha Bandhan is a special day for all the brothers and sisters to cherish the sacred relationship they share. Brothers and sisters express their love and affection for each other on this day. Sending Rakhi messages is one such way to show your love for your dear sibling. A collection of Raksha Bandhan messages can be used to express your deepest feelings or reflect on the beautiful moments you shared in your childhood. Remember how your brother or sister helped you in that school project of yours and protect you from that bully in the school... And how your sibling took your side when Mum and Dad were ready to give you a good lesson... There is so much to say. Is not it??

Just recollect all those wonderful moments from your past and send in your Rakhi messages to us. Say Sorry for the wrong words you said or a Big Thanks for those encouraging words you received. We promise to publish your message along with your name and the name of your sibling. The space is all yours!!

Raksha Bandhan Messages for Brothers & Sisters

Dear Brother
On this Raksha Bandhan I wish to say that you are the best brother and you mean to me the whole world
I love U
Happy Rakhi!!!

Dearest Sister Sonali
Received your pretty Rakhi just yesterday. Thanks a lot. I can't believe that you could make such artistic Rakhi. Where did you learn all all. I would always treasure this Rakhi of yours. God bless.
Happy Rakhi!!!
With Love

Dear Sister Nidhi
I received your Rakhi just today. It's really pretty thank you. Wish you best wishes for you coming exam. Your gift is due with me don't worry.
Happy Rakhi!!!
Thanks and Love

Respected Deepak Bhaiyya and dearest Nitin
I am sending you Rakhi and loads of best wishes through Chachaji and Chachiji. Please ask Ritu didi to tie Rakhi on my behalf.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!
With lots of Love

To Angel my sweetest sister
May God bless you always. You are such a darling. You deserve the very best in life. May all your dreams come true.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!

Dearest brother Priyesh
It will be after a gap of seven years that we will be celebrating Raksha Bandhan together. I am desperately waiting for the festival and to meet my nephew Ayush. God, I don't even know how does he look. Please try and get Bhabhi along. Tell her celebrations will be incomplete without her.
Happy Rakhi!!!
Your loving sister

It's time for Raksha Bandhan and I am missing home so much. How I wish to fly back to India but my boss is not giving leave... Wishing the best of wishes for my sister Anu.
Happy Rakhi!!!
Love Nishant

My dear brother
Wishing you tonnes of good wishes on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. May God bless you with his choicest wishes and a very very Happy life.
Happy Rakhi!!!
Your chhutki behna

Loads of Best Wishes for Raksha Bandhan to all my Sisters -
Pooja, Archana, Richa, Smita and Payal
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!
From Arpit Arora

Tons of Good wishes to the most wonderful sister in the whole world - RUHI
From the most handsome brother in the world.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan to our dearest bhaiyya rohit.
With lots of love
Supriya and Nidhi

This message is dedicated to all my loving sisters. I am proud of you and feel great to be your pampered brother. Wish you best of wishes and God's blessing on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
Happy Rakhi!!!
Your brother Pranay

Dearest Harshi
I know how much you love me sis. This message is to remind you to send Rakhi in time. You don't know how much I wait for your Rakhi to come and feel so disappointed when you delay it. Remember it's not just sisters who are enthusiastic about Raksha Bandhan, brothers too attach a lot of sentiments to it. I hope you will get the message and not be your lazy self again.
Happy Rakhi!!!
Love always

It's time for Raksha Bandhan again and I am feeling so excited. I am desperately waiting for the festival to come when I would tie Rakhi on your wrist. Take an arti and put a big laddoo in your mouth. I have got a nice gift for you too. Wish to meet you soon.
Happy Rakhi!!!

Dear Bhai
Loads of good wishes for Raksha Bandhan to you. May God shower his choicest blessings on you. Keep Smiling always.
Your Sister
Pratibha Arya

Respected Badi Didi
This message is dedicated to you. You are most wonderful person I know. Your ability to take things in your stride makes you extraordinary and special. You can fight adversity with your will power and faith in God. Your good nature and awesome smile wins you fans and well wishers in first glance. Make God give you strength to always remain you and give you happiness you truly deserve.
Yours sincerely

Hello Brother
How are you. I was just browsing thru Rakhi sites and just came across this interesting page and thought that I might as well express my feelings for you.
I just wanted to tell you that you are very sweet and most loving brother in the whole world. You make me feel so loved. You always have a ready and perfect solution to all my problems. I just discuss things with you for a while and all issues become so trivial. I can't think of life without you.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!

Thank you for everything.
St Mary's Convent

For the most wonderful brother in the world
I wish I could come and tie Rakhi on your wrist myself but my busy life schedule is not making it possible. I am sending Rakhi and loads of good wishes. Please ask Sarika to tie Rakhi on my behalf and give your favourite Motichoor ka laddoo to eat. Your gift is due. But do courier my gift in time... That was a joke.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!
Lots of Love
Your didi Archana

My kid sister Divya
I remember mama giving you in my hands. You were so small and delicate I felt scared I might just drop you. But you smiled the moment you looked at me. That delighted me so much. An instant rapport was established between us... It was a beginning of a lifelong bond and a very special one. You are much younger to me but you give me immense encouragement and support. Your confidence and faith in me triggers me to move forward in life. Not letting you down is my guiding principle.
You are more special to me than words could actually say
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!
Your's pyare bhaiyya

Hi Bro
I love fighting with you... Boxing you up with the pillow and hitting you hard on your back. It makes me so happy... Just as you love boxing my ears, pinching me and teasing me on small things. How much irritated we get of these things but this is what makes our relationship so special and so amazingly wonderful.
Happy Rakhi!!!

Respected Ashok Bhaiyya
This message is to Thank You for being there when I need you the most. I can not imagine my life without you. You are my friend, philosopher, guide, brother and father all rolled in one.
May God bless you with a long and happy life.
Happy Rakhi!!!
You deserve it.
Your sister

For my wonderful Sister Priya
Thank's for saving me from Daddy's wrath last night. I don't know what I would have done without you. You have been my greatest support. Though I am elder to you it is you who have been protecting me (from parents) always. Now that you are planning to go in for higher education, I am realizing how much you mean to me.
Happy Rakshabandhan!!!
Love you Sis

Dearest Rajesh Bhaiyya
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful married life. But this does not mean you must forget your pyari behna who misses you so much. Anyways this message is to remind you that next time you visit India do get a handycam and some nice dresses from US.
I will desperately wait for them. Hope to see you (Handycam) soon
Happy Rakshabandhan!!!
Love Always

Dear Deepak Bhaiyya
It's been a long time since I could talk to you. Sorry for that. But bhaiyya you have always been their in my heart and in my daily prayers to God. Wish you all the best in your business endeavours and a happiness in your family life. My regards to bhabhi and love to Vidit.
Happy Rakshabandhan!!!
Your little sister

Dearest Arjun Bhaiyya
It’s been two years now since we last met. I miss you so much. I hope you are taking care of your health and not working too much. This year I am sending you Rakhi by post but promise me you’ll come for Rakhi next year. I know it is difficult to come from US but please try to make it possible. Mamma is dying to see you.
Love you lots
Your loving sis

Dear Appu
Congratulations for your job promotion!! Hard and sincere workers like you deserve to be promoted. Keep up the Good Work. May God’s blessing remain on you forever and you keep progressing in life. My good wishes are always with you.
With Love
Happy Rakshabandhan!!!
Smita Didi

My Sweetest Sister Ankita
To me it seems that you were just a little girl playing with dolls a moments ago and in a flash of time you have grown so big that you are getting married. It’s so unbelievable. I still don’t know how am I going to take your vidai. If I just imagine our house without you I get tears in my eyes. Literally.
Why did you grew so fast?? Tell me. Forget it... May God bless you sweety and wish you all the best. May all your sweet dreams come true. Please don’t forget your brother in your new life who’s going to miss you so much.
God Bless
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!
Shubham Bhaiyya

Dear Yashu
You are the best brother and my best friend too. I love you a lot and wish you all the best in life.
Happy Rakhi
Your sister
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